Safety & Insurance

Safety & Insurance

Book Caregivers You Can Trust

Thorough vetting process
Trust Caregivers follows a extensive vetting process to ensure we showcase high quality caregivers on our platform and maintain peace of mind.

Detailed profiles & reviews
Get to know your caregiver prior to booking. Read reviews and watch video interviews.

We are cashless.
Make fast and secure payments easily online

Educational support
We offer educational resources and ongoing support to caregivers

Trust Caregivers Insurance Coverage :
Trust Caregivers carries $1,000,000 Business Liability and $1,000,000 Professional Liability.

Limited Liability
Our insurance policy may reimburse clients for certain costs arising from certain injuries or damages that occur during a service booked and paid through
To learn more about the our insurance policy please contact us at

General Caregivers and PSW Caregivers
General Caregivers and Personal Support Worker Caregivers are not employed by Trust Caregivers and act as independent contractors. General and PSW Caregivers booked through our platform are insured as per our Professional Liability policy.

Medical Professional Caregivers
Medical Professionals providing medical care (RN and RPN) are not employed by Trust Caregivers and act as independent contractors and are REQUIRED to have their own professional liability insurance coverage.

Trust Caregivers
Complaints and Resolution Policy

We strive protect our clients and caregivers have set forward a complaint policy to identify and report these acts.

Trust Caregivers has set forth a Code Of Ethics and Standards that caregivers are required to follow. If caregivers do not provide a safe and ethical environment, the caregiver is required to take accountability for their actions. Depending on the nature of the incident, the caregiver may be disciplined and educated to help prevent this from happening in the future.

Complaints may include:
- Theft
- Use of restraint without permission
- Verbal abuse and use of inappropriate language
- Sexual Abuse
- Physical Abuse
- Breeching confidentiality
- Using inappropriate language
- Failure to provide adequate care

All concerns must be emailed to indicating the persons name and nature of the complaint. All complaints will be read and responded to with a recommended plan of action which may include:
- Pre-Arbitration Dispute Resolution. Before you commence arbitration, we suggest that you contact us to explain your complaint. Our preference will always be to resolve complaints amicably and efficiently, without the need for arbitration. You may contact us via email at If the issue is not resolved and results in arbitration, we will need to mutually select and agree upon an arbitrator and the rules and procedures to govern the arbitration
- Arbitration Dispute Resolution. See our Terms of Service for the process
- Police Investigations. For more serious complains such as theft, physical and or sexual abuse, the client may decide to file a police investigation.