4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Booking A Caregiver

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Booking A Caregiver

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Booking A Caregiver

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  1. What type of support do you need? Determine the condition of the person needing care and make a list of which services you would like the care provider to perform. You need to decide if you need medical or non-medical care, as this will help you select the right type of care provider.

PSWs and Regular Caregivers can provide non medical home care services listed below.

Non-medical home care services includes; companionship (socializing and support), personal care (dressing, bathing, grooming), Medication Management (medication reminders), Staying Active (walking, routine exercises), Housekeeping (laundry, cleaning, pet work), Meal Preparation (shopping and cooking meals), Assisted Travel (Travel with client to and from appointments) and more.

There may be a reason where you prefer and are more comfortable with a Registered Nurse. This might be due to respite care or specific medical conditions

  1. What is my desired schedule? Determine when and how often you need care. You might be someone that currently gets limited care from LHIN and needs additional hours. Creating a schedule  will also help you determine if you need a live-in caregiver or / and  overnight care. We have many caregivers that have experience in both situations. There are many reasons why someone might needs overnight care including;  mobility issues, health conditions, bladder issues, safety, medication.
  1. What is my home care budget? Determine how much you are prepared to spend on a weekly / monthly basis. Keep in mind, because we are an online marketplace, caregivers set their own rates. Hourly rates generally range from $18 – 29 per hour.
  1. What protection do I want my caregiver to come with? Do you want your caregiver to be insured? Criminal background check? Reference Check? Video Interview? Letting a stranger into you home poses many risks. It’s important to mitigate those risks and determine your non-negotiables. Many independent contractors online are not insured, which puts both parties at risk. At Trust Caregivers, all caregivers on our platform are insured as per our insurance policy, adding that extra level of protection.  We developed Trust Caregivers as we ourselves wanted an online marketplace of caregivers that passed all of these non-negotiables. This lead to the roll out of our thorough vetting process.

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